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Double Exposure Tattoos By Polish Artist Andrey Lukovnikov

In this series at great inspire you going to see unbelievable double exposure tattoos. Double exposure photography is not a new things but double tattoos idea is fresh idea. Wroclaw-based Polish tattoo artist Andrey Lukovnikov is trying and doing double exposure tattoos. Lukovnikov merges together ordinary insects with flowers and the result is beyond gorgeous. While it’s technically not real ...

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Single Line Tattoos By Iranian-German Artist

In this series at great inspire you are see amazing single line tattoos. German-Iranian tattoo artist Mo Ganji has great idea. That is minimalist single line tattoos. He is creating more simple images with strong impact. The former fashion executive continues to surprise with his uncomplicated, seemingly just one-continuous –line, ink. He take some years to realize what we are doing ...

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Beautiful Mehndi Designs

Mehndi or henna is looking good for festive occasion. Originally mehndi used for celebratory occasions but today mehndi designs have a temporary tattoo. Coloring hands and legs with mehndi is a popular in India, Pakistan, UK and Arabian countries. Ladies adorn themselves with mehandi designs for festive occasions like marriage and party. Different types of mehandi are available like black ...

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22+ Best Matching Tattoos For Couples

It’s a considerable measure harder to lose a tattoo than a ring. That must be the motivation behind why more couples are picking coordinating wedding tattoos! Less expensive and more enduring than a ring, they let the couple express their innovation. It may something as everyday as finger band or some wedding iconography or simply having coordinating tattoos. On the ...

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25 Best Matching Tattoo Ideas

Inked on the assemblages of distinctive individuals, coordinating tattoo is an awesome approach to show union of companions, couples, family and sisters. Individuals affection coordinating tattoos in light of the fact that they look adorable and exquisite, and are joint proclamations of boundlessness adoration. There are numerous outlines of coordinating tattoos, for example, cross, Celtic, zodiac sign and quotes. Each ...

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50+ Striking Feminine Dream-catcher Tattoos

Tattoos are not present styling way, it has been there back from 18 century. it was named as tatau from samoan land which means correct or workmanlike. Basically tattooing is done by injecting ink below the epidermis layer of skin, that is second layer of skin which are more stable so these ink make permanent mark. There are many types ...

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