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  • 30 Amazing Oil Painting by South Indian Legend Ilaiyaraaja

    30 Amazing Oil Painting by South Indian Legend Ilaiyaraaja

    Oil paintings are one of the forms of paintings which looks like to the photography. Oil was used as the medium in painting which results in oil Painting. There are more and more talent professionals in the field of oil Painting. Ilaiyaraaja was one of the famous multitalented people in Tamilnadu, India. His major interest is in music. He was a famous musician and his music and lyrics were as the everlasting mind blowing which attracts most of the people […]

  • 25 Best Shot on Perfect Click

    25 Best Shot on Perfect Click

    There are always the best of the best. The following are some of the best shots that made on perfect click which takes your breath away and blow your mind. Our showcase was filled with the amazing and beautiful look of the creative photographers all over the world. The images are collected from the various providers to create the inspiration in photography and also to create an opportunity to move all over the globe with the perfect and beautiful world. […]

  • 40 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014 with Occasional Desktop Wallpapers

    40 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014 with Occasional Desktop Wallpapers

    December is one of the most important months all over the world for all since the welcoming of New Year and the Christmas Eve. All over the world the shops were filed with the Christmas gifts and the New Year celebrations. New oath of the new year for all according to their needs and their circumstances and also with the blessings and wishes from all of their relatives which makes the life go on and various problems that occur in […]

  • Christmas Holiday Photography

    Christmas Holiday Photography

    Great inspire blog presents the stunning photographs of Christmas festival. Christmas is an amazing festival celebrated by Christians. People do many amazing things during Christmas festival like offering prayers, exchanging gifts, sweets and they decorate Christmas tree very well. Friends send Christmas cards and e- cards. In church they will celebrate Christmas very joyfully they offer prayers and Santa will give gifts to children’s. people tag Christmas stars in front of their houses. Here you can view some amazing photographs […]

  • 31 Decorating a Christmas Tree

    31 Decorating a Christmas Tree

    On the month of December with the special celebration on Christmas, all the people are interested in the celebration on the special occasion. Christmas tree also plays the vital role on this special day. Most of the peoples and children were used to design the Christmas tree with many stars and much more Celebration items on the Christmas tree. Today with the support of Christmas tree design which can be made artificial is here in our post for the additional […]

  • 2014 National Geographic Contest – Nature Photos

    2014 National Geographic Contest – Nature Photos

    The National Geographic Photo Contest 2014 – one of the greatest annual photography competitions in the world – has already begun accepting photos for all three of its main categories – Nature, Places, and People. The first-place winners in each of the categories will receive US$2,500 and the Grand prize winner, in addition to taking the first-place prize, will receive US$7,500 and a trip to the National Geographic headquarters in Washington DC for the annual Photography Seminar in Washington DC. […]

  • Creative Halloween Paper Masks by Steve Wintercroft

    Creative Halloween Paper Masks by Steve Wintercroft

    Designer Steve Wintercroft has twisted an amazing series of geometric 3D paper masks that you can build yourself. Steve Wintercroft has a collection of bizarre geometrical paper masks for Halloween revelers that can be printed out (for a price) and assembled by you right at home. They’re an inexpensive, creative and customizable solution to that all-important questions Steve says it all began a few years ago when he was invited to a Halloween party and was struggling for costume ideas: “I […]

  • Most Colorful Buildings in the World

    Most Colorful Buildings in the World

    Most of the world seems to be immovable in a rut when it comes to building colors. But the buildings on this list abandon the usual grays, browns, yellows and whites for bold splashes of color. Most people would probably prefer having colorful buildings like these, but there are a few practical reasons why it’s hard to have such a colorful building. Maintaining a complex and colorful facade is far more difficult and expensive than maintaining one painted with a […]

  • Beautiful Owls Pictures

    Beautiful Owls Pictures

    The owl, a master of the night sky, is extraordinarily adaptive when it comes to successfully pursuing and capturing its prey. In this list we present one of this fascinating bird’s most incredible adaptations – their camouflage. These omnivorous birds count on stealth and surprise while hunting. Owls’ feathers are dually suited for these tasks – they allow the owl to fly silently and to remain concealed. Their feathers’ dull colors mimic the textures and colors of their environments almost […]

  • 25 Magical Bridges Photography in the World

    25 Magical Bridges Photography in the World

    A very old, mossy bridge is the perfect complement to any rural or river scene. These old and mysterious arched bridges are mankind’s way of traversing landscapes that are otherwise decidedly wild. Interestingly enough, an arch is only kept in position by its own weight – the stones supporting an arch couldn’t possibly stay in their position without the stones above them weighing them down. So, while they were very effective and sturdy, their building process was complicated. This usually […]

  • Fine-looking Photos of Animals Looking through Windows

    Fine-looking Photos of Animals Looking through Windows

    Most photos of animals feature them in their natural element, but there are other ways to create fascinating photo compositions with animals. Whether it’s a domestic animal quietly awaiting the return of its owner or a wild animal investigating an abandoned home, windows can beautifully frame your animal photo and take it from good to great. When shooting a subject that’s on the other side of a window (whether you’re inside or out), pay extra special attention to your camera’s […]

  • 25 Photos Of Sheep Blanketing The Earth

    25 Photos Of Sheep Blanketing The Earth

    When you want to take pictures of clouds but there aren’t any in scene, we suggest trying to find your nearest herd of sheep. Flocks of these cute, fluffy and useful creatures can add an interesting element to landscape photos, but they’re also pretty enough on their own. Sheep have earned a reputation as dumb and foolish animals because of their flocking instinct, but they are actually quite intelligent, performing as well or even better than monkeys and rodents in […]

  • Awesome Nature Photography by Alex Greenshpun

    Awesome Nature Photography by Alex Greenshpun

    Alex’s excellent art nature photography has a uniquely magical quality to it. Her photography not only depicts the subject as how she saw it but also as how she connected with it. Below Alex describes her photography and point of view. Autumn is probably the most inspiring season for nature photographers. This is definitely the case for talented Israel-based photographer Alex Greenshpun, who focuses on autumn in her photography. She’s great at capturing its beautiful colors and tiny autumnal scenes […]


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