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Surprising Images of How Food Looks Before It’s Harvested

We all know all vegetables and fruits look like sitting in the supermarket but nobody don’t know how they are ready to harvest. Farmer only knows how food ready to harvest. From bananas and sesame seeds to cashew nuts and kiwi fruits, these pictures of natural produce prior to being harvested are sure to make you think differently about the ...

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Food Preservation Pictures

Food is the basic necessity of man and it is very valuable for his healthy existence. However most foods for consumption undergo deterioration and spoilage. In order to come over this problem fresh foods have to be preserved, moreover when food is available in plenty it can be preserved for future consumption. Foods such as fruits and vegetables have a ...

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40+ Fresh fruits photos

fresh fruits photos-strawberry

Today great inspire like to share the fresh fruit pictures. Everyone know fruit is the best nutrition food. Fruits help human deing to solve many medical problems. Fruits like Apple, kiwi, berries, grapes, pineapple, orange, apricot, plum are in generaly you can eat anytime. Fruits which are good to have at before 2 hours going to bed Banana, mangoes, jack ...

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25 Fresh Grapes Fruit Pictures

Be health with Grape and reduce your body weight with it. Grape is one of the non climatic fruits that generally occur in clusters. It is a fruiting berry which is delicious and this is the fruit which is mainly for making wine, jam, juice, vinegar and much more. From the history the cultivation of domesticated grape began 6000 – ...

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