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Blind Artist George Redhawk Creates Mesmerizing GIFs

George Redhawk transforms photos and computerized workmanship into Endless Looping GIFs. It’s particularly noteworthy on the grounds that he’s legitimately visually impaired and that is the reason his accumulation of works is titled ‘The World Through My Eyes’. With the help of Computer Technology(Software), he makes scary liveliness that component an extensive variety of subjects and style.

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25 Beautiful Animated Photographs – Cinemagraphs

So today we’re going to showcase vivified GIF craftsmanship yet there are not the standard GIF we use on sites. Everyone adores a touch of good photo – yet imagine a scenario where the pictures could move. Cinemagraphs have turn into a web sensation over later times, with any semblance of ‘he cherishes me, he adored me not’, timberland waterfalls ...

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25 Beautiful and Horror Animated GIF

The result is based on the hard work and the creativity of a person. A group named “Rrrrrrrroll” from Japan made the best and beautiful horror animated GIF’s which is really amazing which focus the image rotation in a single axis. We are sure that this GIF’s were made your mind to rotate in a single axis which we felt ...

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