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Photography that refers to the great and beautiful shots of all types of sports is referred as Sports Photography. In today’s technology sports photography is the branch of Photo Journalism. The photographers who are in sports photography need extra dedication, perfect timing, accuracy and concentration which results in the exact output for the photography. In major sports photography was widely used for advertisements, magazines and dedicated sport magazines.

The equipment varies for sports photography when compared to other photographs. The equipment like DSLR camera was the mainly used camera with the lenses range of 30mm and 50mm and mostly used of remote cameras was the one for today’s technology for covering in all parts in fast and accuracy. Strip Photography was most commonly used technique in sports photography which results for the most exact photo finish and exact show time of it.

Most of the indoor and outdoor games which are mostly need accurate and best finish photography. There are more games that we can make an example for the best finest charge. As I am interested in Casino which makes human addictive to it, and for the photographer capturing the moment is most needed in it. There are most and best casino parts all over the world.



Kingdom of Bahrain, Manama,         Photo By Phil Weymouth

Caesars Palace





mgm grand





Top casinos in Las Vegas
The online casino is one of the internet’s burgeoning industries, and as interest in this incarnation of the casino grows, so does interest in casino holidays and Las Vegas in particular. Vegas and the Vegas Strip is merely lights, glitz and glam to most people so it’s interesting to take a look at exactly which casinos are currently popular in Vegas.

The MGM Grand is the major hotel in Vegas with a monumental 6,852 rooms. The hotel aspect of the casino is of course a major part of the business, with the modern casino being a complete package: casino, hotel and entertainment multiplex. Caesars Palace also has a hotel to be proud of with the Rain Man Suite named after its association with the film that was made there.

They also have rooms resembling the Hangover Suite which was hashed up for blockbuster Hangover film. It’s not as large as the MGM but its links with popular culture are unparalleled. If any Casino in Vegas is a star of the silver screen then Caesars must be it. The Bellagio has also had its fair share of fame. You may have seen it featured in films like Ocean’s Eleven due to its famous fountain show – a major attraction to anyone on the Vegas strip. When choosing which casinos to visit on the Vegas Strip, your choice revolves around much more than casino facilities alone. Many will be driven by the pyrotechnics, shows and attractions the casinos have to offer.

For example The Paris Las Vegas casino has the awesome view from atop the viewing platform of the mocked up half size Eiffel Tower. The gigantic copy of the Arc de Triomphe is also a sight to behold and it’s these kinds of theme park style accessories that can really give the casinos an angle, this is a bonus on top of its array of slots.