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Photo Manipulation using Photoshop

Surely you’ve heard of Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, and other Adobe products, but did you know that you can become a Adobe certified expert in either or all of them? Furthermore, did you know that you could create an entire career revolving around them? Adobe products are not just used on home computers and in personal settings. IT and other businesses from all around the world use Adobe products in their daily operations for multiple purposes. Specialists and experts are hired to work with these products; such employers become important figures in a business, as projects and work requiring Adobe products are common.

A wide variety of Adobe technologies are available for certification. Different levels and types of certification can be earned, but the most common and general is that of Adobe Certified Expert. The Adobe ACE certification can be earned in the entire line of Adobe products and can be earned numerous times in numerous products, from something as well-known as Acrobat to the lesser known products like FrameMaker and the LiveCycle development technologies.

Individuals interested in changing their career path consider Adobe a viable and feasible option in the world of IT, design, communication and development. Individuals beginning with little experience can build an entire set of skills and database of knowledge very quickly, with the use of the many training resources that are available. Individuals with a good amount of experience in a certain product can take a certification exam as a means of validating their knowledge and enhancing their resume. TestsLive offers practice certification exams that make it easy to pass each exam on the first attempt, while the amount of time necessary to pass and properly train is minimal, making this a great option for individuals with busy schedules or who are earning an Adobe certification as a job requirement.