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Most Colorful Buildings in the World

Most of the world seems to be immovable in a rut when it comes to building colors. But the buildings on this list abandon the usual grays, browns, yellows and whites for bold splashes of color.

Most people would probably prefer having colorful buildings like these, but there are a few practical reasons why it’s hard to have such a colorful building. Maintaining a complex and colorful facade is far more difficult and expensive than maintaining one painted with a single color, and most expensive paints with special anti-corrosive or weatherproof properties are only produced in a few common colors.

A House That Should Really Be In The Land Of Oz Apartment Buildings In Singapore Carabanchel 24 Building In Madrid, Spain IMG_2062 Galera - Užupis Art Incubator, Vilnius, Lithuania Hundertwasserhaus, Vienna Istanbul, Turkey Kindergarten In Paris Mykonos, Greece Nautilus - Giant Seashell House Painted Favela In Santa Marta, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Rainbow House In Brooklyn Rainbow House In Usa Ramenskoye, Russia This Wall Plays Music When It Rains