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Magnificent Seven New Year Resolutions for You and Your Pet

Give your lovely pet a magnificent new year with seven simple resolutions you and your pet can make and keep all year through.

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1.Spend More Time with Your Pet. This is the one that really matters. It’s why you chose your pet in the first place, and it’s what your pet most wants from you. Instead of just squeezing in a few moments of pet time as and when, plan your year around what you love most – being with your pet. Schedule your walks, playtimes, grooming times and all those little tasks that can be so much fun when you set time aside in advance, giving you and your pet such a lot to look forward to.

2.Give Your Pet a Healthy, Enjoyable Diet. A healthy diet means a healthy life that’s long and full of fun. It’s not hard to give your pet exactly the right diet and still leave room for those choice treats you like to give now and again. A healthy diet, especially when combined with regular exercise, is your pet’s best protection against many of the most common pet ailments and diseases. And you can show your pet a good example by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle too.

3.Plan for Unexpected Emergencies. Expert medical treatment and care can save and rebuild your pet’s life if the worst happens. Of course, none of us want to imagine our pet in a life threatening situation. As good pet guardians, we do all we can to keep our pet healthy and safe. Specialist pet insurance is designed to give you peace of mind so that, whatever happens, you’ll always be able to give your pet the best available veterinary care.

4.Keep Your Pet’s Vaccinations Up To Date. Even a short delay getting annual boosters can leave your pet at risk of potentially life threatening ailments, and most kennels and catteries won’t accept your pet without up-to-date vaccination records, possibly disrupting your holiday plans. It’s a good idea to find your pet’s vaccination records right away and make a note of the booster date in your diary or on your calendar.

5.Get to Know Your Vet Better. After you, your vet is your pet’s best friend – and should be yours too. When you’ve got a good relationship with the professionals in your local veterinary practice, you’ll find they’ll love to talk with you about your pet and pet’s health. There’s always something new happening in veterinary practice, getting to know your vet will help you keep up with the latest in care for your pet.

6.Get to know Your Pet Better. The best way to spot signs that your pet’s a bit off colour is to know how your pet looks and behaves in good health. Make yourself familiar with your pet’s looks and habits. Give special attention to your pet’s eyes, nose, mouth and breathing, and note any changes in your pet’s eating, drinking and toilet habits. You’ll be able to help your vet make an early diagnosis and find the best possible treatment.

7.Improve Your Pet’s World. Make your home safe and enjoyable for your pet even when you’re not there. Give your pet warm, clean bedding in a dry and draught free space, and provide playthings to keep your pet stimulated and less likely to take an interest in your furniture! Take a look around and remove any items in reach of your pet that might cause injury.

And remember, your vet is always on hand to help you keep your new year resolutions, keeping your pet healthy and happy the whole year through.

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