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Hosting a Work Summer Party

If you are hosting a summer work party you want it to be the best one ever, right? It’s time for your employees to kickback, take a break, and enjoy socializing with each other for a little bit of team building effort. You should take the right planning tips to have the kind of party that your employees and their families possibly are going to want to go to. Hiring the right company can be an asset to all your plans. Tudor Catering has absolutely everything you need to execute the proper event. We have equipment, staff, furniture, and anything else you might need to hold your gathering. Having you covered for the basics of the party is going to make planning a breeze for you and your staff. Here are some additional tips to have the best party ever.

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Have A Few Different Activities Planned

Set up some badmitten, a volleyball net, bocci ball, or cornhole activities for people to play together. It’s a great way to bond while having a little competitive fun in the process. You can even set up some games in advance to hold tournaments for your employees to compete in. Even some old fashioned game like the “three legged race”, or tug of war with a rope can be a hilarious memory of a successful party.

Plan For Extra Food and Drinks

Don’t be short on food or drinks, especially if you are hosting your employees’ families as well. If kids are coming have some kid friendly beverages like juice boxes on hand to for the little ones. With Tudor Catering we can plan a whole summer fun menu for your employees to enjoy. Plus if you are going to serve alcohol we have a professional bar service that we can set up for you as well. A few cocktails make any gathering much more festive, and relaxing.

Give Away Some Door Prizes

People love to win prizes! Even something as simple as giving everyone a raffle ticket when they walk into the party can set you up to pull names for great giveaways. Try to give away as much cool stuff as possible. Gift cards are always a welcome idea, even for something as simple as $10 for Starbucks, or your local coffee stop.

Have a Backup Rain Plan

It’s always more fun to be outside especially during the summertime for people that work all day long in an office. You can’t always beat the rain though, so make sure you have a plan B to move the festivities indoors if rainy skies are in the forecast. Our staff at Tudor Catering can move all the setup equipment quickly into a second location if necessary.

Play Some Music

Music makes any gathering more festive and fun. Hosting a work summer party should include tunes! Have one of the more tech savvy people in your office come up with a fantastic playlist. It’s so easy now to plug in an Ipod to a decent set of speakers to blast some tunes all through the party. Music is the best way to bring people together to make your party a success.

Planning and hosting a work summer party should be a way to reward your employees for all the hard work they do all year long. Making this event as festively fun as possible is easy with Tudor Catering by your side every step of the way.