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Organising An Event? Follow These Tips For Success!

Organising An Event (1)

Whether you are an event planner by day, or you have been tasked with organising an event as a one off – we know it can be tricky to remember everything on your list! But if you follow these tips, your event is sure to be a success! Keep reading to find out how to organise a successful event! What’s ...

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Top 5 Creative Ideas To Make Your Event Stand Out

Top 5 Creative Ideas To Make Your Event Stand Out

When you are throwing an event, you want to make sure that it stands out – that it rises head and shoulders above the rest. You try to think of the most creative ways to bring your party, soiree or corporate event into the upper echelons of awesome, and if you jump online for a search (as you clearly have) ...

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Four Ways to Explore more in Chiang Mai

Four ways to explore more in Chiang Mai-Thailand (5)

Where Bangkok has the monopoly on the loud and ostentatious, Chiang Mai has the skinny on all that is picturesque, calm and leafy. Chiang Mai presents a very appealing alternative to the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok. Instead of finding themselves battling a bunch of traffic and frazzled pedestrians, tourists who visit Chiang Mai find that there is a cool ...

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So what that the Christmas ended three months ago! Every real fan of this holiday will do everything not to forget the jolliest time of the year and will try to find places where he could enjoy many Christmas attractions even in the middle of the summer. If you are one of such dedicated fans – this article is just ...

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Magnificent Seven New Year Resolutions for You and Your Pet

pet-animal (4)

Give your lovely pet a magnificent new year with seven simple resolutions you and your pet can make and keep all year through. 1.Spend More Time with Your Pet. This is the one that really matters. It’s why you chose your pet in the first place, and it’s what your pet most wants from you. Instead of just squeezing in ...

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Plan a Day Out with Your Loved Ones for Kitesurfing

Loved Kitesurfing (5)

Take Up Kitesurfing for a Day of Family Fun It can be hard to keep an entire family entertained when planning an outing. Picnics become stale, you can only visit the zoo so many times, and swimming can even become too routine. Plan a day out with your loved ones for kitesurfing and watch as the spirit of excitement is ...

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The Dangers of Children’s Halloween Costumes


Fire safety training is integral, especially in October. No, it’s not because pseudo-witches and warlocks with teenage under-girding are running about setting things on fire; though that’s an excellent reason to be well-versed in conventional fire safety! It has more to do with flammable Halloween costumes and Halloween costume safety. It’s not enough one must keep one’s cat locked up ...

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School Ski Trip Check List


Essentials to take for fun, safety and education purposes Taking your pupils on a skiing trip can seem like quite the daunting task. However, if you are properly prepared it can be a resounding success and a huge hit with staff and pupils alike. Let’s face it; what child doesn’t like to get out of the classroom for a while ...

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How to Choose The Best Wedding Photographer


For those wondering how to choose the best wedding photographer based around Hertfordshire, there are a number of things to keep in mind. 1. Is this an Asian wedding, or a conventional Western wedding? When asking how to choose the best wedding photographer, it is imperative to think about just what kind of event the ceremony is going to be. ...

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Hosting a Work Summer Party


If you are hosting a summer work party you want it to be the best one ever, right? It’s time for your employees to kickback, take a break, and enjoy socializing with each other for a little bit of team building effort. You should take the right planning tips to have the kind of party that your employees and their ...

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Points to Consider When Designing Wardrobes


A custom designed wardrobe addresses specific, personal organizational needs within the limits of a space. Using well designed storage spaces and accessories with cutting-edge technology, people can combine a variety of innovative solutions to meet their storage goals. Whereas in the past a closet was just for out of sight/out of mind storage, they’re now a stylish and personalised continuation ...

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Who did it? A Murder in the Sun!

A Murder in the Sun (4)

Everyone is familiar with how corporate events play out–attendees squeeze into stuffy business attire equally as tight as the conversations they are being forced into about the culture of their business, leaving everyone doing their absolute best to enjoy a day of technically not working.  Aside from the change routine, there are few things particularly enjoyable about having to attend the typically corporate event.  However, one ...

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Baby Toys Worth Buying


Your children are your future, and just as they are so precious to you, this particular time of their life is so precious to them, especially in terms of growth and development. It’s a special time of life. Everything is curious, wondrous, and a potential learning experience. Toys that tap into this potential, then, are ideal for your baby. These ...

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