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Day by Day life Of Village People in Indonesia by Herman Damar

Day by Day life Of Village People in Indonesia by Herman Damar -Greatinspire (20)

Herman s photography of the children in Mother Nature s lap is simply amazing. He has picturised in such a way real life comes in front of our eyes. Natural and real effect is there in the picturisation. This gives an added effect to the photo. Day to day life of villagers have cauterized poetically. It is smoothening the heart ...

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Most Beautiful island Oceania


Oceania is the name given to a group of Islands spread over in the Pacific Ocean. The majority lies in the Southern Hemisphere. These islands rang in equal size to that of Australia. On cultural grounds the islands are divided into four groups. The first Micronesia lies east of the Philippines and includes the Federated States of Micronesia.  Palau, the ...

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Beautiful and Interesting Places in Nepal


The birth place of Buddha in century five sixty eight b.c Nepal is a small landlocked republic on the southern slopes of the Himalayas. It is surrounded by India to the west south and east. Be it has borders with china to the north. Tourists coming to trek. In the mountains and climb the peaks contribute to the national income. ...

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Best Destinations & Places to Visit in Australia


This continent Australia has an enormous expanse of land but practically submerged under the ocean waters. The majority of the land surface is Australia a large island whose interior is a dry plain. The climate varied greatly. From one island to the next ranging from the humid. Tropical climate of pacific islands to the dry hot deserts of Australia’s inland. ...

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Beautiful Landscape Photography by Pete Piriya

Beautiful Landscape Photography by Pete Piriya (17)

Landscape photography was a type of photography to shows the spaces within the world and also the beauty of nature where as sometimes it also includes the man made features in the beautiful world. Pete Piriya was one of the best landscape photographer was really amazing and it takes your breath away. We bet. Pete was from Bangkok, Thailand but ...

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Beautiful Asia Landscapes Photography by Weerapong Chaipuck


Asia is a paradise for nature lovers. It is well known for its beauty. Bandage and Borobudur are very fascinating places. Indonesia is famous for landscape and landscape photography. Li river adds to the beauty of nature. Loughs hubs and Myanmar are noted for nature photography. Photography captures the beauty in a nutshell.It expresses the feelings of Mother Nature poetically. Rural ...

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Tour Trip for the Best and Beautiful Places to Visit Canada

Notre Dame Basilica by Nikhita Singh

Canada was one of the most beautiful places with most attractive tourist spots which is mostly attracted and tends to travel for the vacation and also for the touristers. Canada is the second world largest country by the total area which is located in North America and holds 10 provinces and 3 territories into it. The tradition, the culture and ...

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25 Beautiful Honeymoon places in world


marriage is a beautiful moment of all human beings.honeymoon is a wonderful dream of new couples. most of us, that planed their honey moon spot when they fix their marriage. mostly they would have a  choice to select a cool place like a hill stations, beach areas etc.,their are many beautiful places are present in the world. people would like to select the places ...

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Beautiful Places in Istanbul

beautiful places in  istanbul (17)

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, with the economic, history and cultural heart and it holds the population of 13.9 million in the area of 5343 square kilometers. Istanbul holds the worlds busiest waterfall Bosphorus which is located between Black Sea and Sea of Marmara in the northwestern Turkey. Istanbul was the city holds the most significant cities in ...

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30 Best Beautiful Places to Visit in Italy


Italy was one of the most beautiful places on this world. Italy is officially known as Italian Republic. It is in the fifth place for the population of Europe. Rome was the largest and capital of Italy. Italy was located in Southern Europe which is in a boot shaped Italian Peninsula with the more number of islands. Italy withstands most ...

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Beautiful Places of Las Vegas

Beautiful Places of Las Vegas (12)

Las Vegas is one of the well-known American cities which were founded in 20th century. In the year 1935 there was a growth in the number of residents and also increased in tourism. Las Vegas is famously known for holiday destination. The Major attractions in the city are the casinos and the hotels. The MGM Grand is one of the ...

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30 Beautiful Places in Vietnam


Vietnam was one of the best and beautiful tourist places to visit. Vietnam which is officially known as Socialist Republic of Vietnam which is the eighth most populous country in Asia. Vietnam had faced most of the tremendous change in the history of it. Much administration many modulations are in the history of Vietnam. With the most struggles it has ...

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25 Beautiful Places in Finland


Finland was one of the beautiful and amazing tourist places to visit and enjoy with your families on this vacation. Finland which is officially the Republic of Finland, which is located in the northern region of Europe. It is the eighth largest place in Europe holds about 5.4 million peoples all over it and mostly in the southern region. From ...

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