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15 Creative Animal Surreal Photos

15 Creative Animal Surreal Photos (15)

Blending creatures has been a long and honorable try of the general population of the Internet, to such an extent that on-line social orders like Hybrid Animals have sprung up. On the other hand, on the off chance that you have had a lot of made up creatures. We have a large number of wondrous creature specials. Be that as ...

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Funny and Heartbreaking Self-Portraits By Kaija Straumanis

Funny Photo Series Titled Stuff Being Thrown at My Head (8)

Kaija Straumanis a U.S based photographer actually has a immense sense of  humour, has gone viral with a funny and Heartbreaking set of self-portrait images that capture various random objects, books, glasses or even pumpkins as they collide gracefully with her head. According to the artist, the collisions themselves can represent the unexpected and strong realizations or insights that punch you ...

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41 Funny Cat Photographs that Blows Your Mind

Funny cat photographs that blows your mind-in-the-hammock

Cat is one the small and most domesticated carnivorous animal. Today in the modern internet world, Cats are most popular because of their funny photographs, videos and for sure for its intelligence. The eyes of the cat are also most attractive and it was with most the girls as their pet animal. There are also most of the interesting videos ...

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Humor Photography by Ryan Schude

Humor Photography by Ryan Schude (13)

Ryan’s photography has uniqueness . He has expressed good sense of humor through his photography. His photography is one of its kind truly  original and has nothing to compete with it . It has expressed beautifully his good sense of humor and he has excelled in the art  of making others happy without hurting other persons feeling. It is creating ...

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45 Naughty Clicks of Naughty Kids

45 Naughty Clicks of Naughty Kids (15)

Kids are always cute and energetic. I am also sure that every kid is naughty. Naughty habits are always with them from their birth. Today in our showcase we are ready with some naughty clicks on naughty kids. These naughty kids expression are most special and it will be fun. These naughty things don’t happen every day for kids. It ...

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Funny and Humorous Photography by Zack Seckler

Funny and Humorous Photography by Zack Seckler (12)

Photography is not only a part of art but also plays the vital into the part of humor which makes the viewers and make some sort of expressions and each and every node of photography. Some of the important part is about the funny and humorous photography that makes the people and viewer to enjoy it with the art of ...

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65 Creative Designs in Advertising

Creative Designs in Advertising (65)

Advertising is the one which plays the important role in marketing strategy. Everyone and everything needs new which results in creativity. Creative design in advertising is the important one which attracts the user and also the entire world. In the mean of dedication to the world of creative design and advertising our today’s post was targeted. Creative wallpapers will creative ...

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Cute Babies with Cute Puppies


Some part of the life is always cute and special. Especially babies are the cutest all over the world. Babies smile, their look and all babies is attractive. On the other side cute puppies, they always make fun and most of us like them and we have them as pets. Today in our showcase we try to merge both of ...

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Why life is hard – Worrying Moments in Past

Why life is hard – Worrying Moments in Past (17)

Why do you worry? Today all human beings had a situation like weird. Why this happen and how it looks like?  This means you need something or you miss something. When this happens how do you look like? Yes in our showcase there is the collection of worrying moments. Twitter one of the famous social networking apps. We collected with ...

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