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25 Beautiful Pencil Drawing

25 Beautiful Pencil Drawing (24)

Drawing is one the most important and famous part in visual art. Mostly pencil drawing is one of the famous drawing that everyone use it on their school days and sure no misses it. Sketching and pencil drawing is one of the major study tool for kids and of course for art students. There is a proverb that says “A ...

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20 marvellous 3d Latte Coffee Art

20 marvellous 3d Latte Coffee Art (20)

The method of preparing coffee by pouring steamed milk in the form of boiling water under pressure to create a pattern is called as Latte Art. By drawing the top layer of coffee is also said to be Latte Art. It is difficult art which makes some pattern which proves the creativity and way of art. Latte Art is originating ...

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30 Creative Effects in Photography


Photos are normally effective with the accuracy and to add more to it some effects will be used. This creative effect in photography is to enrich the photo quality and also to improve the effect of it. The effects that added to photography will also result in the creativity of the editor or to the photographer. Most of the photographs ...

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24 Beautiful Body Painting Artwork

Beautiful Body Painting Artwork (23)

The artwork that made on human body is meant to be body painting. The common body paintings like tattoos, body piercing etc., Performance art is the parent of body art. The body painting artwork will be done for some concepts, advertisements and much more. Once the body painting is limited for the face then it is meant to be face ...

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25 Awesome Street Art Photos

25 Amazing street art collection pictures (15)

Street art is one of the arts which are special visual art that developed in public places. The more specific of street art is not to change the definition but to question about the environment with this own specified language. The themes of the street art have the power to reach the public in effective and efficient manner. Most of ...

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20 Colorful and Beautiful Paintings

20-colorful-paintings (5)

Practice of applying paint, pigment and other medium is said to be painting. Painting can be done on any surface like walls, paper, wood, glass and in much more objects. Creation of numerous art and enormous expression can be done by painting. The history of the painting is start from some historians about 32,000 years old which is at Grotte ...

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25 Graceful Fashion photography


Fashion Photography is one of major art that devoted to display clothing and or other fashion items. This type of photography is mostly used in fashions, advertisements. Fashion Photography is already existed from earlier days like 1856. The first fashion photography that made the first appearance on French magazine such as La mode practicum. Still life fashion is a type ...

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25 Incredible Vintage Photography

Amazing vintage photo collections (22)

How do you feel when your dream comes true?  So happy. Here are some of the examples for the dreams in the real world. Vintage Photography is one of the photography techniques which sometimes describe the dream view and sometimes which shows the achievement of your long dream or ambition. The photography is all of the best technology that makes ...

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23 Stunning 3D illustrations Art by Tiago Hoisel

Stunning 3d illusions (18)

3D refers to three dimensional spaces and technique used to result 3D is called Stereoscopy. 3D illustrations are mostly and widely used in the fields like advertisements, marketing and also in media. Everyone today is interested to have the other side view of all. This can do by this stereoscopy. For example if you like to view all the side ...

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