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50+ Striking Feminine Dream-catcher Tattoos


Tattoos are not present styling way, it has been there back from 18 century. it was named as tatau from samoan land which means correct or workmanlike. Basically tattooing is done by injecting ink below the epidermis layer of skin, that is second layer of skin which are more stable so these ink make permanent mark. There are many types ...

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Amazing Art by Anotherwanderer


Laura Sava from Romania, who use the anotherwanderer in the world of art is one of the most famous and fantastic amazing artist. The artwork is extraordinary, amazing and mind blowing and people all over the world were interested on the amazing art by anotherwandered. The artist was skilled in Digital Painting, Illustration, concept art and character designing. The work ...

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Jewelry An art from waste


Every kid will do something from the things they use to have and especially on school ages they provide an art with the help of waste. Today in our showcase we have added some of the beautiful jewelry created by Carolina Breeze’s dad from the scrap metal. All started for the creation of gift to his daughter at the situation ...

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31 Decorating a Christmas Tree


On the month of December with the special celebration on Christmas, all the people are interested in the celebration on the special occasion. Christmas tree also plays the vital role on this special day. Most of the peoples and children were used to design the Christmas tree with many stars and much more Celebration items on the Christmas tree. Today ...

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Creative Halloween Paper Masks by Steve Wintercroft


Designer Steve Wintercroft has twisted an amazing series of geometric 3D paper masks that you can build yourself. Steve Wintercroft has a collection of bizarre geometrical paper masks for Halloween revelers that can be printed out (for a price) and assembled by you right at home. They’re an inexpensive, creative and customizable solution to that all-important questions Steve says it all ...

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Most Colorful Buildings in the World


Most of the world seems to be immovable in a rut when it comes to building colors. But the buildings on this list abandon the usual grays, browns, yellows and whites for bold splashes of color. Most people would probably prefer having colorful buildings like these, but there are a few practical reasons why it’s hard to have such a ...

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Eric Standley’s Unbelievable laser cut paper sculptures


t’s a meticulous process creating Eric Standley’s laser cut art, but clearly the effort is well worth it. Eric Standley’s brilliant and one-of-a-kind form of laser-cut paper art imitates the complex patterns of Gothic and Islamic architecture to create mind-bendingly intricate and beautiful mandala-like artworks. The respect for these structures seems to have to do with the never-ending. It’s trying ...

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Oil Paintings By Patrick Kramer


I’m Patrick Kramer, a hyper realistic painter originally from Kaysville, Utah. Working from photos, I paint whatever captures my interest, from still lives and portraits to city scenes or landscapes. Being a perfectionist, I have always been considering art as an outlet for my slightly obsessive personality. I studied painting in college, and experimented with hyper realism as a way ...

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Creative Portraits by LilifIlane


Creation of amazing portrait will be on targeting some of the most important occasion or some atmospheric situation. Lilifllane is one the most of portrait from Germany and she her interest is in creation of beautiful portrait. She is really interested in painting, photography and much more which is resulted in her creative work. Her recent works on Festive Lights ...

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21 Tiny People’s Big Adventures in a World of Food by William Kass

Tiny People’s Big Adventures in a World of Food by William Kass-greatinspire (16)

Hi let us  have a look at the novel idea of making miniatures out of food, tiny pieces of onions and create wonders colorful watermelon and beet root adds beauty to this beautiful art of using food materials. This art is unique one of its kind. It is really a magical power that brings best out of the waste. William ...

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Beautiful Land Art by Voorworld

Beautiful Land Art by Voorworld (11)

This is an amazing art made by voorworld. It picturised the deep emotions that is filled in his inner heart. He has brought out the true feelings that are felt at the deep bottom of heart through stones and leaves and things which are not used much and considered to be of no use. He has made the best out ...

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Photography on Street By Thomas Leuthard


Street Photography is an art that specifies the beauty of the public places without adding or avoiding to the environment which can say that the beauty of the street that we pass. Thomas Leuthard was one of the beautiful photographers on street walk and his views and creative thought provides the beautiful ideas to the photographic world. The specification of ...

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Creative Human Organs from Plants by Camila Carlow

Creative Human Organs from Plants by Camila Carlow (9)

Look at the beautiful designs created by Camila Carlow .These are the result of highly innovative imagination. Thoughts are expressed so fantastically that the viewer is left dumb founded. Artistically arranged and exhibited in an orderly manner. Human organs are shown with excellent manner. it can be done even in the simple cuttings of plants that grow in.  The walls. These designs ...

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