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Beautiful and Interesting Places in Nepal

The birth place of Buddha in century five sixty eight b.c Nepal is a small landlocked republic on the southern slopes of the Himalayas. It is surrounded by India to the west south and east. Be it has borders with china to the north. Tourists coming to trek. In the mountains and climb the peaks contribute to the national income. Historically it was influenced by the Buddhist and Mongol. Culture. The royal family ruled till 2007.

The mountainous heart of Nepal  consisting. Of towering Himalayas  and the lower siwalik range to the south covers three quarters of the country. Karnali Gandak and Kosi  are three main rivers cutting the country. Kathmandu stands among  fruit trees and rice fields typical of densely populated uplands. Further south on the Ganges plains farming settlements grow rice wheat sugarcane and jute  which are the  country’s main  source of income. Ninety percent of Nepalese live by subsistence farming and many do not live well. Most industries are concerned with the processing. Of jute, sugarcane tobacco and grains. Recently textile and carpet industries expanded and now provide eight five percent of foreign exchange to the nation. The country has limitless hydro power resources.

List Of Beautiful Places in Nepal :

Barun Valley, Khaptad National Park, Rolwaling Valley, Koshi Tappu Wildlife, Namche Bazaar, Langtang Valley, Chitwan National Park, Lumbini, Badimalika, Bajura , Tilicho Lake, Manag Valley, Rara  National  Park, Panch Pokhari, Upper Mustang, Gokyo Valley, Annapurna, Khumbu, Shey Poksundo National Park

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Nepal rice planting season starts Namche Bazaar Barun-Valley-ii Nepal 1 Monks at Shechen Monastery, Nepal