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Beauty Atmospheric Photos of Belgrade by Bojan Dzodan

Beauty Atmospheric Photos of Belgrade by Bojan Dzodan (11)

Belgrade is the capital and largest city of Serbia. Belgrade is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. Belgrade photographer and photo editor Bojan Dzodan love this city. Bojan says about Belgrade, this city inspiration for my new work. Belgrade city is not only capital of Serbia but also the capital of beauty. Especially Belgrade looking good ...

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Incredible Art of Her Lips Making Makeup Artists

Incredible Art of Her Lips Making Makeup Artists (5)

Lips are visible body part of the mouth and lips are really eye catching part of the face. Especially wearing red lipstick everybody attract our lips. Lips are very soft and smooth. Its serve as the opening for food intake and lips used articulation of sound and speech. Every person has a different set of lips with different shapes and color. ...

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Miniature Scenes within Jewelry Created by Isabell Kiefhaber

Miniature Scenes within jewelry created by Isabell Kiefhaber (1)

The rings are made by German artist Isabell Kiefhaber. The rings are made using with resin. Each ring explains a different small and interest secret scenario of love, dreams and life. The world is full of stories so Isabell Kiefhaber was thinking to create miniature Scenes inside jewelry. Isabell Kiefhaber says her Etsy profile is “I love design”, “I love unique ...

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Sicilian Cuisine by Designer in Pantone Color Matching System

Sicilian Cuisine by Designer in Pantone Color Matching System (9)

Italian graphic designers Alessio Varvara and Georgia Calderone are created edible foods arrangements and tasty pairings of Sicilian food. They are introducing Sicilian cuisine in Pantone Color Matching System (PMS). U.S Company pantone Inc is creating to Pantone Color Matching System. Sicilian cuisine shows all the cultures which established on island of Sicily over the last two millennia. Although Sicilian cuisine ...

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Beautiful Places in Netherland

Beautiful Places in Netherland-albert-dros (20)

The Netherlands is the main constituent country of kingdom of the Netherlands.  Netherland have not high building. Here land only flats. Beautiful building has in Netherlands on canals. Here so many more thrilling places to see in Netherlands. One of the places in Netherlands is Gouda. Gouda is a Dutch city with lot of old buildings and beautiful canals. Gouda is ...

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Gorgeous Curly Hairstyles for Women

Gorgeous Curly Hairstyles (17)

All women’s and ladies love their hair. They used to take more care to maintain it. Every woman’s are feeling about hair like crowning glory. Hair is a protein filament. It’s grows from follicles found in the dermis or skin. Four types of hair: 1) Straight Hair to be very soft, shiny, oily, poor at holding curls but difficult to ...

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Cats Like Warmth

Cats Like Warmth (30)

The cats are popular cute pet animals. The cute cats are always active. Women’s are like this pet animal. The cute cat animal keen hearing and smell capacity. The body of cat is extremely flexible. Cat is skeleton contains more than 230 bones. The cat is pelvis and shoulders are more loosely attached to its spin. The cats are good ...

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Beautiful Eye Makeup Pictures

Beautiful Eye Makeup Pictures (19)

A lovely pair of eyes can attract to everyone. If you must have heard then your eyes speak the language of your heart with beauty, grace and charm. The eyes are like a window to our heart and soul. Now eye makeup a big trend. Girls, ladies and women all are wanting to eyes look but this requires a little ...

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Most Beautiful Places in Norway

Alesund, Norway.

Norway is one of the most beautiful places in Earth. Norway has more natural wonders then we can count. Norway has stunning cities and fascinating places. Here peoples are really very happy. Norway is the second happiest country in the world (according to United Nation’s 2013 World Happiness Report). The survey looked at factors including health, freedom, life expectancy and ...

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40+ Beautiful Nail Art Designs

40+ Attractive Nail art designs (33)

Nail art designs are the most famous art work for ladies, which became popular and trendy in recent years. Nail arts depends on how creative we are. Nail arts design is beautiful decorate of our nails through colorful picture drawing and designs. Nail arts design expose our feelings like love, happy, sad and etc., This art is creative designs with elegance, ...

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