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5 Best Destinations to travel for single people

Traveling alone or with a group of single people might not sound like the best vacations, but in some cases, and in some places, being single can turn out to be one of the best reasons why your time there got so great! In fact, some destinations around the world are perfectly suitable for lonely travelers and in this article you are going to find a list of the top 5 of them.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina’s capital city is surely one of the best places to head if you are planning a solo trip. Not only this town is full of architectural masterpieces and full of perfectly married spirits of both French and South American culture, but Buenos Aires are just perfect for all who are looking a bit more than a just pretty city. In fact, Argentinians are widely known as the most hospital people in the world, so here you won’t feel alone for a second. Of course, if you want to, because if you want to keep your personal space – they will understand.

Buen aires - argentina

Buen aires – argentina

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is usually associated with nightlife, and we are not going to bust this myth at all. Thousands of small and big, cheap and luxurious bars and restaurants will be suitable for every traveler’s taste. On the other hand, if you are not a party animal and better prefer calm or, an opposite, extreme vacations, Bangkok can provide you everything as well. Just know where to look and don’t be afraid to meet new friends – Thai people are friendly and ready to help out if in need.

Bangkok - Thailand

Bangkok – Thailand

Santorini, Greece

Santorin’s island is one of the most visited places in Greece. Not only it can offer you beautiful beaches and amazing cuisine, but the views there are just breathtaking. All year long perfect climate, affordable stay, and general relaxing vibe will make you never leave this island again. Also, since Greece in an ancient country, all around Santorini you can find many historical sites as well, so if you are a huge fan of the Hellenic culture, love some good food and good climate – you know where to head for the next adventure. Overall, Santorini is not particularly an island where party animals gather. Therefore here you will find many singles and solo travelers enjoying this beautiful place by themselves, without getting too loud.

Santorini - Greece

Santorini – Greece


Another exotic destination which can be quite perfect for all single travelers is Singapore. With ethnic influences and backgrounds from Chinese, Malays, Eurasians and Indians, Singapore is not only a dream come true for all a food lover’s, but a fantastic place to visit for all people interesting in cultural societies and influences as well. Here you can find both Hindu and Buddhists temples, little India and Chinatown and find many other tracks of various cultures that ruled this small island at different times of its existence.



Boracay, Philippines

In many travelers list, Boracay in the Philippines is considered to be a perfect solo and single passenger’s destination. Everyone there is friendly, weather there is just perfect no matter when you are traveling there, and beaches are just breathtaking here. What else a traveler can want? Well, Boracay don’t stop there to amaze. Consistently ranked in the top 10 on lists about the Best Beaches in Asia, this small island is just perfect if you want to party all night long and if you want to have relaxing time all by yourself – it is so perfectly balanced! Extreme sports fan can find tons of activities to do here as well. Accommodation here is also very suitable for every traveler’s pocket too. Can we find a better place than this?

Boracay - Philippines

Boracay – Philippines