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Amazing Miniature Paper Birds Art

In this series at great inspire you are going to see amazing miniature paper birds art. Vaishali and Nayan both are paper cut artists based in India. We have been making paper cut artworks since one year now. We took up the 365 days challenge of creating Miniature birds using paper and watercolors for this entire year of 2018. Here ...

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Creative Paper Wedding Dresses By Asya Kozina

Silk dresses aren’t sufficiently sensitive. For out and out, no nonsense sensitivity, you need to get a paper dress, ideally made by Asya Kozina. The paper dresses are adapted forms of a few customary wedding pieces of clothing from societies from around the globe. They look sufficiently strong, yet I wouldn’t have any desire to move (or sweat) in them. ...

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Creative Halloween Paper Masks by Steve Wintercroft

Designer Steve Wintercroft has twisted an amazing series of geometric 3D paper masks that you can build yourself. Steve Wintercroft has a collection of bizarre geometrical paper masks for Halloween revelers that can be printed out (for a price) and assembled by you right at home. They’re an inexpensive, creative and customizable solution to that all-important questions Steve says it all ...

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Eric Standley’s Unbelievable laser cut paper sculptures

t’s a meticulous process creating Eric Standley’s laser cut art, but clearly the effort is well worth it. Eric Standley’s brilliant and one-of-a-kind form of laser-cut paper art imitates the complex patterns of Gothic and Islamic architecture to create mind-bendingly intricate and beautiful mandala-like artworks. The respect for these structures seems to have to do with the never-ending. It’s trying ...

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Beautiful Paper Art By Anastassia Elias

It is an excellent talent hidden in the artist This make us feel astonished and dumbfounded to see  such an awesome art done by simple materials. It is symbolizes the patience and potential in the artist. Simply superb.  All the Creations of the artist make U.S. speechless.  To he skill makes us thrilled .every piece of her art is a ...

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25 Paper Artwork with Blow Your Mind by Yulia Brodskaya

Artwork, an illustration of photograph or a piece of conceptual work and much more meanings. We learn history through artwork in earlier days says experts. There are various types of artwork that made the best and beautiful mind blowing Paper Art. In the path of it, Yulia Brodskaya was one of the best Art worker who brings out the part ...

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