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Watercolor Paintings By Steve Hanks

In this series at great inspire you are going to see amazing hyper realistic painting. Steve Hanks began his art career at the age of sixteen when his parents moved the family from Southern California to Albuquerque, New Mexico. In the 1980’s, Hanks developed allergies to oil paint.  He turned to watercolors, and though he liked the medium, the market was in a slump, and Hanks needed something new.  He contacted the toy maker Etch-a-Sketch and offered to be the official Etch-a-Sketch artist.

He made a name for himself and was featured in People” magazine and interviewed on the New York television show, “Good Morning America.” Although the Etch-a-Sketch business took off when he found a way to freeze the images, Hanks gave up the business.

Steve Hank’s paintings of women and children are regarded as unique for his use of direct light, a technique that Hanks uses to express wholesomeness and the light within the subject. He strives to put forth positive images because he feels “Whatever I put out there will come back to me.” Here are the beautiful watercolor paintings. I hope you like it.

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