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Top Educational Trips to Berlin

Educational trips have long been a way to show students that there is more to life than book learning. Travelling to other countries and learning about their cultures and customs can provide invaluable insight students would never get sitting in a classroom. Here are some of the top educational trips to Germany according to Adaptable Travel.


Though many people don’t realize it, a trip to Berlin can be a fascinating way to learn more about the subject of science. There are many scientific research centers in Berlin that make it the perfect destination for an educational field trip. Trips to Berlin often include the Spectrum Science Centre and the Life Science Learning Labs.

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A typical educational field trip to Berlin also includes a visit to the Autostadt, Bewag Power Plant, Deutsches Elektonen-Synchotron, the German Technical Museum, The Glazed Laboratory, Phaeno and the Zeiss Planetarium. A boat tour on River Spree is also a great way for students to learn about Berlin. In addition, no visit to Berlin is complete without seeing the Holocaust Memorial to allow students to see first-hand the devastation it caused. Other notable educational spots include the Reichstag Parliament Building, which gives students insight into Germany’s government.

Business students often benefit from taking the Schonefield Airport Tour and the Checkpoint Charlie Museum Tour as well as visiting the Axel Springer Publishing House, the Berlin Hauptbahnhof Station, BMW Motorcycles and Daimler Chrysler. Each location allows students to see the daily inner workings of a business. They can ask questions and gain insight into how to run their own business someday.

These top educational trips to Germany also include learning opportunities for students studying history. The notable sites to see are the Allied Museum, the Berlin Wall & Documentation Center, the Marienfeld Refugee Centre Museum, Olympiastadium, Reichstag and the Topography of Terror. They can also benefit from education tours such as Berlin Underworld, Jewish Museum and Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. These sites provide the kind of historical education a textbook could never provide and allows students to see pieces of history with their own eyes. The Story of Berlin is also something that any serious history student can learn about and appreciate.

No matter what a student is studying in school educational trips to Berlin will provide them with a life changing experience they will forever cherish. Trips can vary in length, with the average school trip lasting four days and three nights, giving students enough time to soak in everything they can without taking in so much new information they become overwhelmed.

Rich in history and culture, the city of Berlin can provide students with an eye-opening experience that they wouldn’t find reading a book in the school room. Educational travel is an opportunity not all students get, but one that no one can afford to say no to.

Even students of Religious Studies can find value in taking an educational field trip to Berlin. Learning about the hardships Jewish people have faced can help students become more informed about the world around them and can show them what religious persecution can and does result in.

These educational school trips to Berlin provide students with a chance to get hands on experiences they can apply to their everyday lives once they arrive back home.