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Travelling around the world Expectation vs Reality

Nowadays Peoples Are Very Much Interested To Have A Tour. They Except A Place Where They Can Treat Their Family To An Our Of The World Experience. But In Reality Travelling Such Places Disappointing Them By Having A Worst Road Routes, Crowd, Lack Of Water And Food Facilities..

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30 Best Beautiful Places to Visit in Italy

Italy was one of the most beautiful places on this world. Italy is officially known as Italian Republic. It is in the fifth place for the population of Europe. Rome was the largest and capital of Italy. Italy was located in Southern Europe which is in a boot shaped Italian Peninsula with the more number of islands. Italy withstands most ...

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40 Best and Beautiful Festival Photographs

Every country, every state will have something unique. One of them is festival. Festival was the best occasion that helps to gather with friends and families and the special occasion for all over the world. Festival photography was one the beautiful remembrance that helps us to think about our special moments of our life. Some of the festival was very ...

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30 Beautiful Places in Venice

Venice is one the beautiful place in the world and it always holds the attachment with the romantic couples from the ancient history. Venice is a Northeastern Italy which is grouped by 118 small islands separated by canals and connected by bridges. Venice holds various names like “City of Water”, “The Floating City”, “City of Canals” and much more names ...

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20 Beautiful Mask Photography

Everyone likes to wear a mask to a ball at some point, and her instant beauty and mystery a mask adds to any situation is completely irresistible. In the words of Photography, Mask Photography is a shield of paper, paint, etc, placed over an area of unexposed photographic surface to stop light falling on it. It is used in different ...

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