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Create Intricate Portraits Out Of Mother Nature Using Twigs And Flowers

In this series at great inspire you going to see beautiful portraits of Mother Nature. She nothing taped and glued just Mother Nature balancing delicately itself. She was spending lots of times outside walking and foraging truly in the moment. A fallen leaf used to eyebrow or dog ear and thin twigs used to a cheekbone or chin. These possibilities ...

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Funny and Heartbreaking Self-Portraits By Kaija Straumanis

Kaija Straumanis a U.S based photographer actually has a immense sense of  humour, has gone viral with a funny and Heartbreaking set of self-portrait images that capture various random objects, books, glasses or even pumpkins as they collide gracefully with her head. According to the artist, the collisions themselves can represent the unexpected and strong realizations or insights that punch you ...

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