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Stunning Surreal Ceramic Sculptures


In this series at great inspire you are going to see amazing surreal ceramic sculptures. Johnson Tsang is a sculptor based in Hong Kong who focuses on ceramics, stainless steel sculptures and public art project. Realist sculptural techniques accompanied by surrealist imagination is the characteristics of Johnson’s sculptors. Chinese tradition art have long been the source of inspirations for many ...

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Haunting Driftwood Forest Spirits By Japanese Sculptor

Haunting Driftwood Forest Spirits By Japanese Sculptor (7)

In this series at great inspire you are going to see amazing haunting driftwood forest spirits. Japanese artists always impress with their unique imagination and special approach to creating art pieces. The techniques they come up with and their efforts to bring art and nature together are truly breathtaking, but also a bit inexplicable to those who do not belong ...

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Amazing Animal Sculptures from Recycled Materials


Indeed, even with our earnest attempts to reuse, there’s still a ton of waste around. It makes for a miserable sort of material in Artur Bordalo’s (A.K.A. Bordalo II) creature models. These are dependably collections of garbage protests and can become enormous. It’s an approach to reuse, additionally a method for condemning the world we live in, and the consumerist ...

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20 Fusion of Flora and Fauna by Ellen jewett


Ellen was born in Markham Ontario, Canada. She started shaping things naturally in 3 dimension at a very young age. She completed her post secondary degree in Anthropology and Fine Art (Honours) and while finishing undergraduate she worked in exotic animal care and was teaching class on stop motion animation. By the time she presented her thesis, her academic and ...

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Eric Standley’s Unbelievable laser cut paper sculptures


t’s a meticulous process creating Eric Standley’s laser cut art, but clearly the effort is well worth it. Eric Standley’s brilliant and one-of-a-kind form of laser-cut paper art imitates the complex patterns of Gothic and Islamic architecture to create mind-bendingly intricate and beautiful mandala-like artworks. The respect for these structures seems to have to do with the never-ending. It’s trying ...

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Awesome Miniature Food Sculptures

Awesome Miniature Food Sculptures by Shay Aron (8)

Israeli artist Shay Aron provides awesome miniature sculptures.They are simply adorable miniature food sculptures that attracts your eyes and becomes heartthrob. Very fascinating  items are available.Materials used by the artists are common polymer clay. Easy to buy and wear as attractive trinkets  are available at his Style. WE get beautiful artistic tastefully designed necklaces. Rings and bob pins too Come ...

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25 Robot Scrap Sculptures by Brain Marshall

Robot Scrap Sculptures by Brain Marshall (12)

Odd from waste was one of the best and good works to save the nature and also to decorate the place with some inspiration. Brain Marshall one of the best person who makes it. His work on robot from scrap is the smart work and every piece will be mind blowing. The unused materials like aluminum spoons, pencil and other ...

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25 Amazing and Beautiful Sand Arts

Amazing and beautiful sand sculptures (24)

Sand Sculpture is modeling sand into artistic form. It is also called as sand art, sand brushing, sand painting etc.., Sand and water is the ingredients which are used for modeling sand. This is mostly done in beach and it started with everyone in the childhood and later it attracts and emerges into few and results in their career. The ...

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