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Dubiety about this Photo Skills – Photo Manipulation

This Ukrainian Photoshop Master “Viktoria Solidarnyh”, Will Make You dubiety everything You’ve Seen Below. She has completely mastered photo manipulation. She combines various images together to create magical scenes, with each of her images taking on a fairytale theme.

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20 Kylli Sparre’s Surreal Photography

Kylli Sparre was one of the best and beautiful surreal photography editors. Her ideas, creativity and experience made her to create the mind blowing surreal photographs. Surreal is the imagination above the realism. Actually she was as a professional ballet dancer till she completes her studies. After her studies she realized that it is not her destiny and she was ...

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30 Tiny Miniature Photography by Fiddle Oak

Zev Hoover aka is a 14-year-old boy who draws an attention of everyone by his innovative miniature photos through flicker with the username Fiddle Oak. He is from Natick, Massachusetts. His Interests are Photography, builds and flies model airplanes, and dreams about going to college to study art or graphic design. When he is eight year old his mother put ...

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Mind Blowing Water Manipulation

Photo manipulation is one the major art in today’s internet world. Image editing is not the simple since it has to create an illusion and attract the viewer. Photo manipulation is also said to be photo shopping. Before the Photoshop version, airbrushing was the tool used for image editing. From the period of time the manipulations are done on various ...

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30 Creative Effects in Photography

Photos are normally effective with the accuracy and to add more to it some effects will be used. This creative effect in photography is to enrich the photo quality and also to improve the effect of it. The effects that added to photography will also result in the creativity of the editor or to the photographer. Most of the photographs ...

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22 Creative Examples Artwork by Neil Duerden

The combination of art and the creative technology into it measures the Creative Artwork. The art includes painting, photography, music and other arts. The combination of these to attract the end user and make new thoughts which is innovative leads to the creative artwork. Neil Duerden is one of the best in the field of Creative Artwork. He creates much ...

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