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Beauty Gloomy Portrait of Slevin Aaron

Gloomy is a low level of light that is dim. This level in human vision becomes monochrome (painting, design and drawing in one color). A portrait is a painting, photograph, sculpture or other artistic representation of a person. Portrait is not a painting in which the face and its expression are predominant. Slevin Aaron born in 1991 in Poland in ...

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20 Kylli Sparre’s Surreal Photography

Kylli Sparre was one of the best and beautiful surreal photography editors. Her ideas, creativity and experience made her to create the mind blowing surreal photographs. Surreal is the imagination above the realism. Actually she was as a professional ballet dancer till she completes her studies. After her studies she realized that it is not her destiny and she was ...

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22 Creative Examples Artwork by Neil Duerden

The combination of art and the creative technology into it measures the Creative Artwork. The art includes painting, photography, music and other arts. The combination of these to attract the end user and make new thoughts which is innovative leads to the creative artwork. Neil Duerden is one of the best in the field of Creative Artwork. He creates much ...

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25 Mind Blowing Levitation Photography

Great Inspire presents the mind blowing levitating photographs. There photographs are made while floating. This technique of photographs are done by using tools like photo shop, photo manipulation etc. Taking photographs by levitating is highly impossible but using some software tools we can make it happen success. Levitation is a skill that makes human to float. This levitation is an ...

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