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Digital Art Imagine Concepts


In this series at great inspire you are going to see amazing digital art. Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as an essential part of the creative or presentation process. There are different names for the digital arts that are computer art, multimedia art and new media art. Earlier stage digital technology has some ...

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Beautiful Creative Photography By Hossein Zare

Beautiful Creative Photography By Hossein Zare  (10)

In this series at great inspire you are going to see amazing creative photography. Hossein Zare is a self taught photographer. He born on April 18, 1992 in Iran. Hossein Zare works are Creative, Conceptual and minimal Art. Minimal Art is new Style in Minimal Category. This style is Simple But its Creative and has Concept and beauty. He is using Photoshop ...

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Pictures That Reveal The Truth Behind Photography


In this series at great inspire you are going to see pictures that reveal the truth behind photography.  Now we are looking many photos at the Internet. We are thinking how these pictures would be taken. Nowadays many software and digital camera are available in photography field. Use this to take photos. I’m not just talking about the digital manipulation ...

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30+ Beautiful Digital Art

Beautiful Digital Art  (17)

In this series at great inspire you are going to see interesting art of digital. Now the time has changed everything for digitization. Everyone just wants the digital era. Digital’s issue. In particular, the art has caused a revolution. Digital art is so beautiful. By thinking that you cannot draw, easily draw using even digital art. Here is an unbelievable ...

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Drawings Into Double Exposure Fashion by Leigh Snodgrass

Drawings Into Double Exposure Fashion (3)

In this series at great inspire you are going to see interesting creation of drawing into double exposure. This amazing drawing was created by Leigh Snodgrass. She is 16 years old. She was inspired by fashion illustrator Shamekh’s drawing. She adapts this idea to his own drawing style, a more realistic color portrait. Usually taking 15 hours of him paintings, but ...

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Beauty Atmospheric Photos of Belgrade by Bojan Dzodan

Beauty Atmospheric Photos of Belgrade by Bojan Dzodan (11)

Belgrade is the capital and largest city of Serbia. Belgrade is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. Belgrade photographer and photo editor Bojan Dzodan love this city. Bojan says about Belgrade, this city inspiration for my new work. Belgrade city is not only capital of Serbia but also the capital of beauty. Especially Belgrade looking good ...

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15 Creative Animal Surreal Photos

15 Creative Animal Surreal Photos (15)

Blending creatures has been a long and honorable try of the general population of the Internet, to such an extent that on-line social orders like Hybrid Animals have sprung up. On the other hand, on the off chance that you have had a lot of made up creatures. We have a large number of wondrous creature specials. Be that as ...

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Awesome Surreal Landscape Photography by Jati Putra Pratama

Awesome Surreal Landscape Photography by Jati Putra Pratama (7)

Jati Putra Pratama transforms Landscape photographs into photomanipulation by twisting the scenes to incorporate uncommon points. The Jakarta, Indonesia, visual architect made waves on Reddit in the wake of posting one of his pieces, bringing forth a surge of duplicate feline work, and even an instructional exercise. Numerous online observers compose that Pratama’s work is reminiscent of the material science ...

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Surreal Black & White Photography by Sarah DeRemer


We should see some freaky sights with Sarah DeRemer’s Surreal Experiments! These highly contrasting pictures delineate creatures and scenes in odd mixes. Feline watching a manatee swimming outside the entryway? Presumably the most agreeable of the parcel. Particularly when it needs to contend pegui-children and a camel-mountain with a little band. Sarah DeRemer hails from Los Angeles. She has a ...

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Conceptual Movie Description of Food by Nicolas Knepper


Photography is an art and there are various creativity of various photographers are added in our showcase but today it is different. Yes, creativity changes and varies day by day and the new innovation happens in all fields and also in photography. Nicolas Knepper is one of the most famous photographers, have described more about the food in the form ...

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Frustration in Office with Miniature Figures


On his Instagram account Derrick Lin demonstrates an astounding creative ability. With help of small scale figures, he reproduces contemplation that strike a chord amid his work day. He utilizes his surroundings consummately. Result is humorous and clever. The web has developed that work in the working environment is a drudgery, only better than anything assembling plant chip away at ...

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Dream in one Room Creative Surreal Photography


Everyone have dream. Most of them have funniest dream. Dream will be amazing and fabulous only when our eyelids meet each other. Once it opens nothing will be in front of us. We are able to see the same world what we have seen before the eyelids closed. What happens if our dream is real even when we get off ...

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20 Animal Manipulated Photographs by John Wilhelm

Just a chameleon action shooting with bait-lens

Photography is the great art and the creative thinking in the kind of manipulating was so attractive for the entire world. John Wilhelm was one of the famous and creative in the field of editing which is clearly known from his photographs on the concept of Animal Manipulated Photographs. The thinking plays the key role and the imagination ploughs the ...

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