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Life beyond the kids by Iwona Podlasińska

Few years ago I asked my friend, if my work could be featured in one of the news services in my country. At first I was very happy about it, but then i have feared about negative comments. On the feature were devastating to me and at first it almost made me stop taking photos. I got criticized for posting ...

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Kids Cry For Funny Reasons

In this series at great inspire you are going to see very interesting and lovable photos of crying babies. Children cry for many different reasons. Anybody doesn’t know why children cry? Parents try to know reason why kids cry from children views of points. Children are not having their mommy by their side, not wanting to eat their veggies and ...

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Cute Twin Babies Photos

Great Inspire today presenting is Cute Twin Babies Photos. Babies are the god gift to our life. Babies are so cute and make others happy by doing some naughty things. Babies are fun to look at and babies are generally soft and cuddly. Babies are very expensive and talented. They are too much sleep and also cry a lot. It ...

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45 Naughty Clicks of Naughty Kids

Kids are always cute and energetic. I am also sure that every kid is naughty. Naughty habits are always with them from their birth. Today in our showcase we are ready with some naughty clicks on naughty kids. These naughty kids expression are most special and it will be fun. These naughty things don’t happen every day for kids. It ...

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