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Most Beautiful Mountain Lakes Photos

In this series at great inspire you are going to see most beautiful and amazing mountain lakes photography. A lake is an area of variable size filled with water.  Lake is not connected to any other ocean. Lake is not a river. Lakes are generally found in mountainous areas. Most lakes on the surface of the earth are fresh water. ...

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Stunning Wave of Lake Erie Pictures

        Dave Sandford is a man excited by the magnificence of the lake Erie, it is the fourth biggest of the Great Lakes in North America. It is 241 mile (388 km) long and 57 mile (92 km) wide, and also being generally shallow, with normal profundity of 62 feet (19 meters). The fall winds make it ...

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Beautiful Birds Eye Photographs Around the World by AirPano

AirPano began as a non-benefit Russian association concentrated on taking superior quality elevated scenes. “In spite of the fact that we generally photo from a helicopter, we likewise like to shoot from a plane, an airship, a hot air inflatable, and a radio-controlled helicopter,” the gathering states on their site. The greater part of their work are 360 degrees scenes ...

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Spectacular Indian Places to Discover

India is known for its culture and tourist places. Today great inspire going to take you all to an excursion of Indian beauty which is less seen. These places include the Taj Mahal (7 wonders of world), hills like Matheran (Smallest hill station), lakes like Lonar (Saline soda lake), waterfall like Nohkalikai Falls (tallest plunge waterfalls) and temples like Golden Temple, ...

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