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Funny and Heartbreaking Self-Portraits By Kaija Straumanis

Kaija Straumanis a U.S based photographer actually has a immense sense of  humour, has gone viral with a funny and Heartbreaking set of self-portrait images that capture various random objects, books, glasses or even pumpkins as they collide gracefully with her head. According to the artist, the collisions themselves can represent the unexpected and strong realizations or insights that punch you ...

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Humor Photography by Ryan Schude

Ryan’s photography has uniqueness . He has expressed good sense of humor through his photography. His photography is one of its kind truly  original and has nothing to compete with it . It has expressed beautifully his good sense of humor and he has excelled in the art  of making others happy without hurting other persons feeling. It is creating ...

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Funny and Humorous Photography by Zack Seckler

Photography is not only a part of art but also plays the vital into the part of humor which makes the viewers and make some sort of expressions and each and every node of photography. Some of the important part is about the funny and humorous photography that makes the people and viewer to enjoy it with the art of ...

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