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Models Turn into their Most Loved Foods in Food Face Photography

The photo, as we probably am aware, does not record smell. Furthermore, that is one of the great focuses for this great nourishment photography arrangement. Taking a gander at these models’ most loved sustenance can be an enticement for the stomach. At that point suppose you could be in a photo of your most loved sustenance? Photographic artist Junior Light ...

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21 Tiny People’s Big Adventures in a World of Food by William Kass

Hi let us  have a look at the novel idea of making miniatures out of food, tiny pieces of onions and create wonders colorful watermelon and beet root adds beauty to this beautiful art of using food materials. This art is unique one of its kind. It is really a magical power that brings best out of the waste. William ...

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Faces filled with Eatables and Other Accessories

Creating an art is not an easy and doesn’t depend on the specific needs. Victor Nunes proves that anything can be created to be beautiful art. His work on various eatables and other daily used accessories will take your breath away. Today in our showcase we have filled some of the extraordinary amazing beautiful faces that outcomes from the creative ...

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Amazing Art of Creating National Flags

Come let’s see the Amazing Art of creating national flags with food items. It is fabulous. attractive and adorable. Flags of different nations are arranged in such a neat manner that one turns speechless no words to say. Very innovative art. It needs lot of creative thinking and immense knowledge of the international flags.the photographs imbibes patriotic feeling in the minds. ...

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Creative mom turns meals into masterpieces

Preparing and decorating food in different shapes is also an art which is famously called Food Art. In 2008 Lee Samantha began making food art to make her daughter eat independently. Many of them got inspired by her food art and she has 322K+ followers in Facebook Page. The reason behind making food art is to make kids eat independently. ...

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