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Stylish Girls Portraits Art By Pino Daeni

Stylish Girls Portraits Art By Pino Daeni (17)

In this series at great inspire you are going to see stylish and amazing girl portraits art. Pino Daeni was born November 8, 1939 in Italy. He was an Italian-American book illustrator and artist. He is known for his style of feminine, romantic women and strong men painted with loose but accurate brushwork. Considered one of the highest paid book ...

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Double Exposure Tattoos By Polish Artist Andrey Lukovnikov

Double Exposure Tattoos By Polish Artist Andrey Lukovnikov (10)

In this series at great inspire you going to see unbelievable double exposure tattoos. Double exposure photography is not a new things but double tattoos idea is fresh idea. Wroclaw-based Polish tattoo artist Andrey Lukovnikov is trying and doing double exposure tattoos. Lukovnikov merges together ordinary insects with flowers and the result is beyond gorgeous. While it’s technically not real ...

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Unbelievable Realistic Paintings By Mike Dargas

Unbelievable Realistic Paintings By Mike Dargas (11)

In this series at great inspire you are going to see amazing incredible realistic paintings. God gave the gift of painting. Care should be exercised when drawing full painting. When the mind is quiet, it is a good time to draw paintings. This realistic painting was created by mike dargas. Mike is a German artist. He is incredible hyper-realist artist ...

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Single Line Tattoos By Iranian-German Artist

Single Line Tattoos By Iranian-German Artist (25)

In this series at great inspire you are see amazing single line tattoos. German-Iranian tattoo artist Mo Ganji has great idea. That is minimalist single line tattoos. He is creating more simple images with strong impact. The former fashion executive continues to surprise with his uncomplicated, seemingly just one-continuous –line, ink. He take some years to realize what we are doing ...

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25 Miniature LEGO Adventures by Samsofy

Miniature LEGO Adventures by Samsofy (22)

Samsofy is the pen-name of Sofiane Samlal, a French artist born in 1981. His work started with extreme sports in urban areas. Under the influence of geeky hobbies, it evolved into Lego photoshoots. Lego is the best toy in the world: so many beautiful adventures, and such an awesome movie tie-in! And what wonderful Lego man art by Samsofy! This artists ...

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Absolutely Stunning Street Art by Pejac


Spanish genius Artist Pejac is master in making Awesome Street Wall Paintings and also acrylic on indoor window, and pencil and watercolor on paper. His road arts are regularly significant figures, flying winged creatures rendered in outline or barely recognizable differences that make individuals wow for his pieces.  

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Digital Landscapes Art by Martina Stipan


I’m youthful 17-old female artist Martina Stipan. I was born in Croatia, Varaždin in 1997.All of these are made in Adobe Photoshop and some of them are even 3-years of age. It takes me around 2 hours to make every one of my artworks.While doing a digital art I feel like in marvelous world. I very like digital Landscape of ...

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Beautiful Art Painting by James R. Eads


Los Angeles based artist James R. Eads makes striking digital art that are heavily influenced by Vincent van Gogh’s style. Multi-disciplinary artist James R. Eads plays with motion and color to render harmonizing illustrations of people and nature. With swirling van Gogh inspired skies and percussive strokes of color, his style is well-suited for meditations on human connection and the ...

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Creative Hands Exploring Art By Ponypork


A craftsman in Jakarta, Indonesia who passes by “Ponypork” on Instagram has been revealing to us his examinations with distinctive masterful styles and media in a fascinating route – by demonstrating to us his hands really making his work of art. You can take after his masterful undertakings with the #whatmyhandsdoing hashtag on Instagram, where different craftsmen have begun to ...

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25 Fantasy Girl Digital Art by Nudtawut Thongmai


Today i have to take you to the universe of Nudtawut Thongmai  from Thailand  he is extraordinary craftsman in making fan Art for  the people groups or  planning new characters for livelinesss or  recreations . I recall those days that there was no PC , we was  simply going to class and  we was getting our work done and afterward ...

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Fantastic and Fabulous Artwork by Kristina Webb


Pencil art is one of the most beautiful art works. Creating an image in mind and placing it in a paper is not an easy Job. Kristina Webb is one of the beautiful young artists. She is about 18 years old from New Zealand and her art expose that she is living with her art. The art proves that her ...

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