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Romantic & Elegant Flower Bouquets

What to do when the guy of your dreams dumps you?

 “ Hi Jane, we need to talk… I don’t think our relationship is working out”

Oh no! You’ve just heard the dreaded words. The room begins to spin and your entire world is falling apart. You don’t think you can go on without him. He was “the one” and now you’ve lost the best catch of your life.

Wrong! You may not realise it at the moment, but the guy of your dreams is usually just the “guy of your dreams” because no one is the perfect partner.

In fact, one day in the future when you have finally found Mr. Right and have kids, you may even ask yourself in hindsight, what did you ever see in him? You may even laugh about the whole experience.

Okay, okay, but, right now, it hurts to be dumped by someone you love. We can’t ignore that you are feeling the way you are feeling because you are still living in the NOW!

Romantic & Elegant flower bouquets (1) Romantic & Elegant flower bouquets (2) Romantic & Elegant flower bouquets (2) Romantic & Elegant flower bouquets (4) Romantic & Elegant flower bouquets (5)  Romantic & Elegant flower bouquets (7) Romantic & Elegant flower bouquets (8)  Romantic & Elegant flower bouquets (10) Romantic & Elegant flower bouquets (11) Romantic & Elegant flower bouquets (12) Romantic & Elegant flower bouquets (18)

Your emotions are getting the best of you and you can’t think straight. You can’t eat, you can’t sleepand your work is affected. You’re dying to call him and wish it were all a bad dream. You can’t believe that it is truly over.

So what do you do?

  1. Cry, cry, cry and cry…let it flow, it’s alright. It’s okay to mourn the death of your relationship.
  2. Scream if you must. But within the confines of your car or house!
  3. Don’t blame yourself. . Relationships are just like that!
  4. Talk to your girlfriends and hang out with them.
  5. Cry some more.
  6. Eat ice cream. Indulge in comfort food.
  7. Spend time with yourself and feel comfortable being alone. It will make you stronger.
  8. Go shopping. Get a new wardrobe. You’re back on the market! Get some retail therapy.
  9. Go to the hairdressers! This life-changing experience deserves a restyle or change of hair colour. Maybe get a wig!
  10. Rearrange your room or home. Get rid of everything and anything that reminds you of him.
  11. Plan a trip. Go on a holiday to find yourself.
  12. Don’t be alone. This is an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and family.
  13. Get a new pet if you don’t have one already because a dog is the best replacement for a man, and they’re totally loyal.
  14. Have a mindless movie marathon and lots of popcorn ready.
  15. Go out and party. Do something outrageous.
  16. Write a blog or whatever you want to express yourself.
  17. Treasure your freedom. You may not realise it but it may be pretty soon before you are out there with another guy but now much wiser!
  18. Be happy. You’re alive, Enjoy life.
  19. See him for what he really is…nothing special, otherwise he would not have let you go.
  20. Finally, send congratulatory flowers to yourself for surviving the breakup. You can visit freshflowers.com.au for Melbourne flower delivery. After all, you are worth it!


Before you know it, you will be back on your feet. You may go through that breakup experience again…and again, before you find your soul mate. Along the way, you could be the one wanting to breakup because you know you deserve better. You will discover your worth and inner strength of the woman in you.


But in the meantime, go on and live life! Rediscover yourself with some of our 20 tips to survive a breakup. Who knows? You may discover Mr. Right along the journey you’ve taken. And you will be a better and ready person for love by then!