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Get Sporty this Summer-Your Guide to Summer Wheelchair Sports

Summer is here. When you are caring for a person who has special needs, the right accessibility to fit their individual needs is paramount: wheelchair friendly places, availability to medical requirements, fresh new experiences to expand the mind, and old favorite places and activities that bring warmth, smiles, and laughter. There are now many destinations that welcome and cater to visitors with special needs, far more than most people realize  and with this accessibility comes amazing new breakthroughs in enjoyment. Those who are wheelchair bound now  have every opportunity to be as active as anyone else and any physical activity can make an incredible difference to a person quality of life and well-being overall. Physical activity steadily boosts emotional health-giving a great boost in self-esteem and a feeling of accomplishment. So let’s look at some of the ways we can Get Sporty this Summer; Your Guide to Summer Wheelchair Sports.

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Summer is about relaxing and just enjoying being with the people we love. Picnics and dog-walking in your favorite parks, Barbecues at the beach, and drinks on the pub patio are great ways to have a fabulous and affordable time with those you love. Many parks and gardens are easily accessible for those in wheelchairs, and beyond nice leisurely times spent picnicking and looking around, there are often outdoor concerts and other events which are free and there to be enjoyed.

Many places offer swimming classes for those with special needs, and now as well, as a fitness seeker, you will find that most beaches have great wheelchair access, as do many caravan sites and family amusement parks. Everyone is included and all are welcome. Something which will trigger your way quickly  into a healthier lifestyle. There are wheelchair basketball teams, and other sports teams, and even in the weight room you can find tons of enjoyment through routine exercise and fitness.

If you’re an outdoor type person, Try adaptive skiing, kayaking, cycling, diving, and horseback riding.  Adaptive sports are all those which have been modified to work for people with disabilities so that they can still do what they love. There are so many options available now to do that it is difficult to list them all, but your local and regional links can give you all the info you need to enjoy what is available near you for both the young and the older disabled community.

Museums and galleries are another option. Many have easy wheelchair access ramps and cater to those with special needs as well. More, this type of activity is a great way to share knowledge and history, as well as fun moments with the ones we care for the most.

There are so many things available! Fishing, local fair and carnival games. Crafting classes and Art retreats. Sounds impossible perhaps, but its not. And all these suggestions are readily available in the United Kingdom.

Whatever you decide to spend your summer doing, there are so many ways to enjoy the summer that are fun for all. Nature trails are wonderful. Gardening can be done alone or as a family. Even deciding to eat outside is a great way to create beautiful memories this season. There is nothing better.

We cater to your special needs and take great pri9de knowing that when you are using one of our wheelchairs you are ready for the next challenge and goal!  See our most popular products on karmamobility.co.uk,and enjoy! It is a beautiful new day ahead!