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Creepy and Cute Halloween Photos

Halloween,the horror festival celebrated usually on 31 October worldwide. This holiday festival  is sometimes called as All Hallows’ Eve. its the eve of the western Christian feast of hallows. Many activities are involved in Halloween festival like visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, trick or treating,apple bobbing and watching horror films. jack-o’-lanterns is considered as one of the symbols of Halloween.

Many symbols and artifacts are associated with Halloween. turnip is usually used in Ireland  and Scotland at Halloween time. later north american uses their native pumpkins since it is softer and larger. Different kinds of costumes and dressings are followed in different countries,especially they modeled some supernatural figures like skeleton,switches,ghosts.in 20th century Halloween parties and dresses became popular in US.

Games are traditionally followed in the form of divine.Special foods are also prepared during Halloween Festival they always choose candy apples caramel or taffy apples,barmbrack etc.Bonfire toffee is the special Halloween holiday food prepared in Great Britain.In Religious point of view protestant Christians celebrate the hollowness holiday as Reformation day.Christian attitude is totally diverse towards Halloween Festival.

Zombie love by Eddie Belanger

Baby Pumpkin by Rachel Calderon

BatGirl Jr. by J. Blair Images

Children of the Corn by Michael Gollotti

Dia De Los Muertos

Gone Bananas by Daniel P

Halloween 2011 by Antonio Alabajos

Halloween by alessandro dondi

Halloween by Hugo Alfaro

Halloween by Nash Damji

Halloween by Василиса Волковская

Halloween decorations in Vicksburg Mississippi by Gilad Rom

halloween ghoulish espresso by Cass Peterson Greene

Halloween II by Jill Hyland

Halloween mask by xuhi fotos

Halloween Parade No 2 by Ulf Buchholz

halloween party by Андрей Шушвалюк

Halloween pumpkins by Alexandra Schastlivaya

Happy Halloween by John Mondy

Happy halloween Jack. by Maxime Dehaye

Hello by Owens Daniels

Jack O’Lantern by Tao Sasaki

Just Say Monarch by Daniel P

Let me just slip out of this old thing ! by arh 66

Masquerade Date Gone Wrong by Ana Becerra

Me Proud Beauty by Cass Peterson Greene

Miser by Blindman shooting

Miss Fresh And Ma Bell by Daniel P

Pug -o- Lantern by Adam Lowe

Sad Clown by Ken Weinberg

The Epic Jack-O-Lantern Display by Frank Grace

The giant with big hat by Fulvio Giungato

The Great Pumpkin by Brandon Buck

They Do Have More Fun by Daniel P

trick or treat by Dani Mantis

Unafraid by Jake Laughlin