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Flowers that Blossom on Mountain Slopes

beautiful and Flowers that blossom on mountain slopes (10)

When rains fall, the barest desert may blossom overnight as plants race to sow the seeds before the drought returns a condition that may last for years. In the worlds deserts both cold and hot plants are dependent on erratic rainfall levels, and must hurry through their life cycles when they have the chance. in high mountain regions snow loving ...

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Most Beautiful island Oceania


Oceania is the name given to a group of Islands spread over in the Pacific Ocean. The majority lies in the Southern Hemisphere. These islands rang in equal size to that of Australia. On cultural grounds the islands are divided into four groups. The first Micronesia lies east of the Philippines and includes the Federated States of Micronesia.  Palau, the ...

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Astonishing Nature and Landscape Photographs by Tiger Seo

on a cold day by Tiger Seo

Tiger Seo is one of the most famous astonishing landscape photographer who is living is IIsan Korea. He was interested in taking landscape photographs and flowers. His interest and dedication and his clarity in picture with the attractive output makes the viewers to attain interest in his photographs. His landscape photographs and flowers brings out the beauty of the nature ...

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22 Beautiful Photography by Mathieu Chatrain


Mathieu Chatrain is one of a French based photography who started his first photography work in scenes of life which is really amazing and he was interested in fashion photography and also in conceptual photography. His work dedication and his creativity was really amazing which is proved in his various projects with the style, creation of moods and much more ...

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24 Worldwide Worst Natural Disasters Picture

Aleppo Earthquake (1138)

Natural disasters are very frequent in the World. Flood droughts, land sliding, tsunami etc are the major natural disasters.  Excessive rainfall results in floods. Continuous and heavy rainfall leads to high rise in the water level in the rivers. It leads to floods.  In sea shore violent and huge waves appear in a flood can cause extensive destruction to man’s ...

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Food Preservation Pictures

Food preservation pictures (15)

Food is the basic necessity of man and it is very valuable for his healthy existence. However most foods for consumption undergo deterioration and spoilage. In order to come over this problem fresh foods have to be preserved, moreover when food is available in plenty it can be preserved for future consumption. Foods such as fruits and vegetables have a ...

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Pictures of Happiness in Daily Life


Every day in one way or other we try to find happiness in a complete chaos that is what we struggle for. Actually temporary happiness is omnipresent found everywhere. If we want we can search for it. Social relations, acceptance and independence are the most important factors that measure our happiness in life. These are the basic factors that determine ...

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Beautiful Plants Pictures

Beautiful-plants-pictures (13)

Plants are classified into two broad categories, vascular and non vascular. Planted have two systems of tubes for transportation of water and food. They are called vascular. Non vascular are those who are dry simple pants that lack the system of tubes for transporting water and food. Roots, stems, leaves, fruited, and seeds are the main parts of the plant. ...

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A fantastic approach to GTAV by Benoit Paillé

A fantastic approach to GTAV by Benoit Paillé (15)

Benoit Paillé is one of the most famous French Canadian photographers approached on Grand Theft Auto V who exposed the different work on video games exposing in different artistic view. His thinking was amazing, he used DSLR camera to take the snaps on wandering in the game. He marked the places he likes and it is really amazing on the ...

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Beautiful Reading Photos

Beautiful Reading Photos (5)

Reading makes a man perfect. For an ardent reader book is his friend philosopher and guide. We never feel lonely if we read a good book. Quality is more important than quantity while choosing a book for reading. Book develops the personality of a person. There are many books which have changed even the prisoners to realize their mistake and ...

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Attractive Colorful Photography by Jackie Rueda

Attractive Colorful Photography by Jackie Rueda (4)

Photography is not only a Job it is a passion for most of the people all over the world. Today in the world of photography everything is possible and it can be attractive only the photographer is more involved and passionate on his or her work. Jackie Rueda is one of the best Journalists living in Montreal with her husband ...

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Amazing Fashion Photography by Jean Berard


Jean Berard was one of the most famous photographers located in Mexico City and he was also most equipped to manage any size and various types of production in his creativity. He won most of the special awards for his amazing photography. His work was extraordinary which provides him the way for the top. He is also working with various ...

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Beautiful Sony Award Winning Photography 2014

Beautiful Sony Awards Photography 2014 (25)

Rid place. Rodeo. Vane me Pruden France, open arts culture winner. The Mongol Simon Morris United kingdom United Kingdom national award second place. The winners for the open youth and national award competitions of 2014. Sony world photography awards were announced today by world photography organization. Winners highlight from the 2014 Sony world photography awards. Jumps of life chewing lai San Hong ...

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