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Spectacular Indian Places to Discover


India is known for its culture and tourist places. Today great inspire going to take you all to an excursion of Indian beauty which is less seen. These places include the Taj Mahal (7 wonders of world), hills like Matheran (Smallest hill station), lakes like Lonar (Saline soda lake), waterfall like Nohkalikai Falls (tallest plunge waterfalls) and temples like Golden Temple, ...

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Imagery of Overpopulation Effect


Global population speak out is a website which talks about population effects, it has released a new kind of book Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot. This time great inspire took a step towards global issue discussion, overpopulation. As our numbers are growing on Earth our exploitation of natural resources are also going high day by day. Everyone on this earth knows about ...

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Top Educational Trips to Berlin

educational trip

Educational trips have long been a way to show students that there is more to life than book learning. Travelling to other countries and learning about their cultures and customs can provide invaluable insight students would never get sitting in a classroom. Here are some of the top educational trips to Germany according to Adaptable Travel. Berlin Though many people ...

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Campervan vs Tent

Places-I-like-to-see-Australia (6)

Welcome to Australia! Where the sky’s hot, the water’s hot, and, well, everything except for the beer is kind of hot. In all seriousness if you’ve forked out the money to visit us, or are at least investigating visiting us, you know we’re actually a diverse country with many climates, landscapes, and people. Visit the ancient Bungle Bungles in the ...

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25 Magical Bridges Photography in the World

Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland

A very old, mossy bridge is the perfect complement to any rural or river scene. These old and mysterious arched bridges are mankind’s way of traversing landscapes that are otherwise decidedly wild. Interestingly enough, an arch is only kept in position by its own weight – the stones supporting an arch couldn’t possibly stay in their position without the stones ...

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Imaginary Branding Slogans by Clif Dickens

WebMD - Convince yourself that you have a terminal illiness

Branding the slogans which is more important to define and which provides the capability to express their product. There are various popular brands all over the world. Clif Dickens had created some of the fun branding products that we know and he created for fun on his own imagination. Creating some fun on the branding names for fun and some ...

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21 Tiny People’s Big Adventures in a World of Food by William Kass

Tiny People’s Big Adventures in a World of Food by William Kass-greatinspire (16)

Hi let us  have a look at the novel idea of making miniatures out of food, tiny pieces of onions and create wonders colorful watermelon and beet root adds beauty to this beautiful art of using food materials. This art is unique one of its kind. It is really a magical power that brings best out of the waste. William ...

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Day by Day life Of Village People in Indonesia by Herman Damar

Day by Day life Of Village People in Indonesia by Herman Damar -Greatinspire (20)

Herman s photography of the children in Mother Nature s lap is simply amazing. He has picturised in such a way real life comes in front of our eyes. Natural and real effect is there in the picturisation. This gives an added effect to the photo. Day to day life of villagers have cauterized poetically. It is smoothening the heart ...

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Surreal Photo Manipulation by Robert Jahns’s

Surreal Photo Manipulation by Robert Jahns's (10)

These pictures are simply fabulous needs a high extent of imagination and creativity. Andrew has picturised in a unique way. He had brought out novel imaginary ideas. These photos are highly impressive and greatly speaks out the real thought. Of the mind. Andrew is highly appreciated for his innovative thinking. These surreal photos are symbolic symbolizes many traits of the ...

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Most Beautiful island Oceania


Oceania is the name given to a group of Islands spread over in the Pacific Ocean. The majority lies in the Southern Hemisphere. These islands rang in equal size to that of Australia. On cultural grounds the islands are divided into four groups. The first Micronesia lies east of the Philippines and includes the Federated States of Micronesia.  Palau, the ...

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Beautiful and Interesting Places in Nepal


The birth place of Buddha in century five sixty eight b.c Nepal is a small landlocked republic on the southern slopes of the Himalayas. It is surrounded by India to the west south and east. Be it has borders with china to the north. Tourists coming to trek. In the mountains and climb the peaks contribute to the national income. ...

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Best Destinations & Places to Visit in Australia


This continent Australia has an enormous expanse of land but practically submerged under the ocean waters. The majority of the land surface is Australia a large island whose interior is a dry plain. The climate varied greatly. From one island to the next ranging from the humid. Tropical climate of pacific islands to the dry hot deserts of Australia’s inland. ...

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Beautiful Landscape Photography by Pete Piriya

Beautiful Landscape Photography by Pete Piriya (17)

Landscape photography was a type of photography to shows the spaces within the world and also the beauty of nature where as sometimes it also includes the man made features in the beautiful world. Pete Piriya was one of the best landscape photographer was really amazing and it takes your breath away. We bet. Pete was from Bangkok, Thailand but ...

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