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Beautiful Collection of Rose Pictures

Rose,the most beautiful flower of all around the world.there are 100 species of roses are discovered so far. Roses are very showy and available in variety of colors from black to blue. Red rose are the symbol of love and also every colour indicates some symbolic meaning. Roses are fame for its amazing layered petals. Roses might also uesd for various decorative purposes and ceremonics. it makes the people pleasant. In us rose is the official national floral emblem. Rose is wrapped with love and emotions.

A single rose which expresses the feelings of unspoken words. Rose produces the sizzling fragnance which is unique to them. The name “rose” originated from french. Most of the rose varities are native to asia there they cultivated large number of roses. Even though roses looks beautiful their stems are fully grown with thorns. Rose boquttes are the very lovely gift for any occasion. Crushed petals of roses have deep aromatic smelland are used for manufacturing perfume. Sometimes roses are used along with food and drink. Roses are the art of culture. Rose canina hips is one among the varities of roses have some medicinal properties.

Garden roses are cultivated more than a century. through this the cultivator earn large amount of profit. Garden roses like alba,gallica,damask,centifolia,moss etc wild roses act as host flower for pests and harmful diseases.the world’s oldest rose lived for 1000 years in germany.

Happy Valentines - Red Rose

Happy Valentines – Red Rose by Tracy Hall

April rose by Cristobal Garciaferro Rubio

April rose by Cristobal Garciaferro Rubio

Don't be sad because it's over, smile because it happened by Elena Kovalevich

Don’t be sad because it’s over, smile because it happened by Elena Kovalevich

Young And Old Roses

Young And Old Roses by Francesco Mangiaglia

Yellow rose

Yellow rose by Pilar Azaña


Rose by Besnik Hamiti

Valentine Rose For You - I Love You

Valentine Rose For You — I Love You by Ricky Sadiosa Rueda

Wild Rose

Wild Rose by Carl Parow

The Rose Queen

The Queen by Giovanni Longo


Orange Rose by Janis Fehrmann

happy birthday to me by Sonya Khegay

Happy birthday to me by Sonya Khegay

Gentle hug

Gentle hug by Zdravko Horvat

Flowers in bloom

Flowers in bloom by Adrian Askew

Rose in the rain

Rose in the rain by mc rr

after the rain

After the rain by erhan akkaya

Rose bud

Rose bud by Elisa Possente

Juicy Rose

Juicy Rose by Svetlana Sewell

Mixed Emotion

Mixed Emotion by Michael Smith


love by mirela korolija

Rose by Onur Güner Güray

Rose by Onur Güner Güray


  1. nice collaction

  2. Very very very nice &beautiful colours of roses.
    I love these all flowers.

  3. this colourefull rose collection indicates your positive view for your life and your happiness to sharing beautiful fraindship with us.

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