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Artist’s Surreal Photo Series Captures Her Struggle With Insomnia

In this series at great inspire you are going to see amazing surreal photography. Jenna Martin is a fine art and underwater photographer, lives in Billings, Montana. She only get a few hours of sleep every three days or so. During a bad bout, she will go close to five days with no sleep,” Martin told The Huffington Post of her “To Dream A Dream” photo series. “When that happens, reality and the dream world become switched in a way: reality is very hazy and hard to remember, and any sleep she does get has dreams that are incredibly vivid.

Everything starts to blend together. She will begin seeing things from a third person perspective and it are hard to tell if I’m awake or if I’m dreaming.” Although her struggle with sleep is part of what fuels Martin’s creativity and helps her think about things in an “unconventional” way, she told HuffPost that having insomnia comes with incredible challenges. Here are the most surreal photo series captures her struggle with insomnia. I hope you like it.