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30 Mind Blowing Photographs by Bernardo and Tomas Medina

A team of Photographers who were related as Father and Son are Bernardo and Tomas Medina. Bernardo was about 30 years into the field of Photography and his method was followed by her son Tomas Medina. The work out behind the lens was extraordinary and the nature with the favorite touch takes their level high. They were the famous in Houston and their photographs received more awards and by recent their photograph stood first in National Geographic – My Thailand Story.

Their photographs make your mind blowing and it was really amazing. There is more number for fans for their team and this team was about named for their extraordinary photographs. In our showcase we would like to present the amazing beautiful photographs of Bernardo and Tomas Medina and we would to take the opportunity to congrats and best wish for their team with most expectations on behalf you

PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina1 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina2 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina3 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina4 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina5 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina6 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina7 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina8 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina9 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina10 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina11 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina12 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina13 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina16 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina17 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina18 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina19 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina20 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina22 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina23 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina24 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina25 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina26 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina27 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina28 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina30 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina31 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina32 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina33 PhotographyByBernardoAndTomasMedina291