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25 Mind Blowing Levitation Photography

Great Inspire presents the mind blowing levitating photographs. There photographs are made while floating. This technique of photographs are done by using tools like photo shop, photo manipulation etc. Taking photographs by levitating is highly impossible but using some software tools we can make it happen success. Levitation is a skill that makes human to float. This levitation is an interesting concept. This concept highly impress all while looking into it. Here you can see some inspiring illustration of levitating photographs all photographs show different floating pose. Hope you all love it.

I am a writer by Selene Alexia Christodoulou 

make up and girl by  Василий “Некто Вэ” Хуртин

Shopaholic In-Flight by Maria Netsounski

Flying Beauty by Yolfi

Libri-In-Flight by Maria Netsounski

Lost in a World of Fiction by  Selene Alexia Christodoulou

Choco-In-Flight by Maria Netsounski

Tea Party Levitation by Gaia Pazzagli

The Last Goodbye by Bernard Yeoh

Light Sleep angel by July She Wolf

Shopping by Christian Bucad

Floating from Distress by Amanda Klaassen

Multitasking by MonkeyDome Photography

Energize by Aleksandar Gospić

Zero Gravity by Ali Samer


Levitating Baker by ROYCE HUTAIN


Flying knotty by Anastasia Milutina

Paper planes by Jenny Eilertsen

Bullet-time cat by Nicolas Maillot

Levi-Laundry Girl by Rebekah W

Domestic Chaos by Shawn Van Daele