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22 Amazing Leopard Pictures

Great inspire presents you an amazing and scary photographs of leopard. It belongs to felidae family and smallest of four big cats. Leopards are found mostly in Indian sub continent, Malaysia, Indonesia, and china. Leopard has an opportunistic hunting behavior and it has an ability to run 58 kilometer speed per hour. The leopard consumes any animal that it hunts. Its habitat ranges from rain forest to desert terrains. Leopards and jaguars are known as black panthers. Here you can see an amazing leopard pictures hope you all like it. Source

Hmmm… now how do I get this up there by Sue Berry – south africa

Late Night Leopardess by Ken Watkins

Family Fight by Christopher R. Gray

Leopardo Africano by Juan Hernández Ruano

love you! by Daniel Münger

Mara Leopard by David Lloyd

Run!! by Adri de Visser

Leopard on Mound by Laura Dyer

Captive by Kiran Ghadge – India

Amur Leopard by Jacqueline Bamber

Winter Tour Highlight by Don Johnston

hunting-leopard in the sun by Giulio Missalla

Leopard Sunrise by David Lloyd – Kenya

Leopard in sunset by Allan Høgholm

Spitting Temper by Marlon du Toit

Growing Up Leopard by Marlon du Toit

Leopard by Rohit Varma

Leopard vs WIld Dogs by Shaaz Jung

Snow Leopard by MrShutterbug Jonathan Griffiths

Protective mum by Marc MOL – Sth Luangwa NP- Zambia

Sunset leopard by Marc MOL

Luangwa leopard by Marc MOL