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20 Animal Manipulated Photographs by John Wilhelm

Photography is the great art and the creative thinking in the kind of manipulating was so attractive for the entire world. John Wilhelm was one of the famous and creative in the field of editing which is clearly known from his photographs on the concept of Animal Manipulated Photographs. The thinking plays the key role and the imagination ploughs the road which makes fantastic and mind blowing art of him.

This was one of the absolute nice shot of photographers which makes the learner to think on the way form that creates that anything can be done using imagination and also sure of hard work. The artist was one of the famous professional work with professional reliability in his art work.

Choo Choo Caterpillar

Disarming innocence

Bullfight lessons

While others are in the Lasagne...

Giant Skaterchick

6th of January countryside

Playing around after a great meal

Health Check

Busy Stork

Horses are friends

Just an exercising ninja turtle

Just a hunting Hippo

Lazy dog

A Camel with Marlboro

The Bokeh Frog

Just a chameleon action shooting with bait-lens

The clumsy elefant

Beautiful Dead

Learning to fly II

Just a very thirsty giraffe

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